Small Groups

“We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you, not only the gospel of God, but our lives as well because you had become so dear to us.” — 1 Thessalonians 2:8.

Because life is better in community
Life changing groups
resulting in life changed people
devoted to following Christ

What is a Small Group?

Small Groups are groups of four to twelve people who meet regularly to grow and deepen friendships and become disciples of Jesus Christ. They meet in a variety of places for community, Bible study, prayer, sharing, and ministry to each other and others. Their intimacy and commitment to grow in their relationship with God makes these groups one of the best ways to experience life-giving community and personal transformation.

Why Small Groups?

A primary biblical purpose of Small Groups is fellowship. Our desire is that small groups be a place where people can connect with one another and form deep friendships. Such relationships are difficult in the larger group setting of a Sunday morning worship service. It is considerably easier to develop and maintain meaningful relationships in a small group setting.

A second biblical purpose of the Small Group program is discipleship. Small Groups are places where people are encouraged to grow in their faith in God with other people who have a desire for the same spiritual growth.

Small Group Purpose Statement

To connect people relationally in groups for the purpose of showing others the love of Jesus Christ, glorifying God, making friends, and experiencing the joy of serving.


  • Be known and accepted for who you are
  • Have a place to share important personal thoughts and opinions
  • Be held accountable and challenged to grow spiritually
  • Examine biblical truths and find answers to real life problems

Understanding Small Groups

  • Jesus began his ministry by selecting twelve disciples from the hundreds of people around him. His purpose was to teach them, build them, and send them out to minister to others.
  • Small Groups meeting together, studying the Scriptures, praying and ministering to one another, have been part of the church since New Testament times (see Acts 2:42-47, 20:20).
  • Small Groups are places to build healthy relationships, experience personal and spiritual growth, and find accountability and support.

How can I get involved in a Small Group?

There are groups for people of similar life-stages, needs, and experiences. For more information, call Kelby Friesen at 204.326.3551 or email him at